... escaped ... migrated ... arrived




   More than 7.6 billion people inhabit the world today, and many are better off than ever. However, some are not. We can do so many things better than ever before, but some we still can’t.
   One of the biggest issues is being surrounded by strangers everywhere. This problem is getting more severe every day by the minute. All migrants and refugees combined make up more than the original people living in the USA. (Imagine if all US citizens today would decide to leave their homeland and go somewhere else.)
   Astonishing? Yes.

   The problem of a wandering mankind does not exist as we imagine it. Because, in reality, it’s not a problem, but a source: The decisive source of our life, and our good survival.


We have been on the road for millions of years now. At first it was only a few, then it became more and more, and we went everywhere. Then whole groups of people migrated; over and over again.
   And when they arrived at new places, they brought new ideas, new questions, different answers, strange, unknown things, gifts…and challenges? Exactly: what the population was used to up until that point was suddenly challenged. Fortunately, this led to the disappearance of some unattractive habits, while some new habits were difficult to understand, and therefore changed. Did it lead to confusion? Challenges? Murmurings? Oh yes, you bet! All of this means that mankind is very much alive, fortunately.

   So, just like that, we have renewed ourselves, again and again, and that is how we survived. We further developed what we already knew what we can do, and what we can create.
   Many of our natural habits want to stay with us, even the ones that aren’t so great. Sometimes we are wrapped up in them, like being in a cocoon. Then we no longer want anything to change. We think: No way. (Imagine what the caterpillar would miss if it refused to change…It would never be a butterfly.)


We no longer want the change to happen through moving, because we have lost our Great Story of moving. The individual person, as well as large groups of people, always needed a story to understand what life and survival means, and what it will become – where it will lead to in the future. Without the history, everyone would run in circles. However, with a great history to show for, everyone is on their way to a rewarding horizon. Unfortunately this Great Story, proven for millions of years, is hidden today under a growing mass of statistics, assumptions, opinions, interpretations and lies, born out of fear.

   We urgently need our Great Story today to understand what is happening - and what is about to happen. This story cannot be written by one or two people alone. We need many stories from all the 7.6 billion people out there. Let's start now!
   All the stories we tell each other become our common Great Story, and we have been able to do that for many, many years. Each story interweaves with the others until our Great Story of wandering emerges.  Then our Great History envelops us like a mantle on our way to the horizon.

   Of course each individual story is important. With each one, your life begins to change, as well as that of others. Happiness, change, and a successful life will emerge in you, and through you, thanks to your story.
   And that will change everything.

   For millions of years, we've sat down together, and told our stories. Suddenly someone tells a new story (maybe you?), and then we'll go, and make the story come true.

   It's possible. We have always done this, and will continue to do so successfully.

   Congrats and welcome!

 is the story of 365 days-plus: The Painting Log. Daily. Every day a painting is created; keeping in mind the many people who are either on their way, who have already arrived, or the many who have been here for a long time.

   Each painting can find a new owner, who then possesses and lives with it. Whoever lives with art is changing, and perhaps discovers something else, or something different. Maybe they’ll find new answers, or new questions. Every new companion of art provides a chance for a fruitful change. Everyone can achieve it.



The social sculpture "Our Now Story" is like a big digital carpet for everyone.

  So that everyone can settle down, listen, tell stories, relax ... patient, curious, amused ...

until suddenly our great story of our wandering, our migrating, is mentioned again ...

  with the power of our courageous, creative time before and the fascinating opportunities of our present.



This is one twin of a Social Sculpture.

Welcome to the other twin: The Painting Log. Daily.