"Migrants, Arrivals, Residents", a cycle of paintings C.P.Seibt

   Many individual stories together create the Great Story.

   What is certain is that your life is unique. Every event in your life is incomparable. And for each event you can tell a special, individual story. Each of your stories is a part of your life. All your stories together tell your life. And if we listen to you, then they come to life.
   That's exactly how we have all lived since the beginning of time. All great discoveries, inventions, changes, and renewals began with a new story. Then the story was made true, and so it became a reality.

   One morning,

   about five million years ago, somebody climbed through the trees. Where Ethiopia is today. somebody was well protected from enemies by being in the trees. And fruits hung everywhere!. However, due to climate change the number of trees have declined, which was disturbing at first, but is now fatally threatening. Something must change. Imagine: Somebody drops to the ground, on a trial basis. This person doesn't see much on all fours - no overview, no foresight. It’s dangerous. There's no fruit down here either. "And what happens when I get up? And run away? What then?" That's how someone starts a new story. You know how the story went on, because it’s up to you.
   This “I-TELL-A-STORY-AND-THEN-I-MAKE-THE-STORY-COME-TRUE, worked so well that it was worth sticking with it. We all stuck with it. Always.

   Millions of years later,

   Someone else invents a crazy new story where you take animals with you and survive more easily. The constant wandering continues, but from now on, you’re called nomads.

   Again million years later,

   Someone else tells a crazy new story in which people no longer walk around, but sit down, and how everything around it grows, and lives, and survival becomes easy: The first branches are built in Mesopotamia.

   Just about fourteen thousand years later,

 someone else sees a movie with an even crazier, brand-new story, in which spaceships dance around the moon to a Viennese waltz, people look at moving images and even talk to them: This someone was called Steve Jobs. He made his story come true. Congratulations on your new smart-phone, by the way!
   Today our world is changing like never before; every single day. Change has long since taken hold of everything and everyone. And the arrival of millions of refugees and migrants are accelerating the pace of change, with every step they take.  It’s millions of steps.    Now. 

   And what story are we telling now?

   Some tell the story of a terrifying crisis. The things that should frighten us all, and make us feel small - and soon unfit, no longer able to survive vigorously.
   Others (maybe you?) tell the story of a breathtakingly great opportunity that we get right when we badly need it. We need it to renew ourselves, and our culture, and for our survival.
 Our experience of millions of years speaks for this.  Through people who migrate and immigrate, we have always found ways to survive. At first only a few, then many, and ultimately small and huge groups of people migrated to their horizons, where they wanted to live.
   Was that always pure joy; pure harmony? Or what was it?

   That was always life.

   It confronted those who were already there with new ideas, new recipes, new tricks, new tools, new thinking, new hopes, deeds and laughter. With lots of new stories at hand, from which the even newer stories of the present developed.
   Those who came new got to know all that was already there. What an interesting mixture: strange and familiar, accustomed and new, simple and complicated, curious and greedy, attractive and rejecting, often much wiser, sometimes opinionated - sensual and intellectual, thus highly suitable for everyday life, strong for survival, lively.
   Somebody developed this mixture, and created something new together. That person integrated the best of the new culture, but also preserved the best of the previous culture.
   Those who protected the new, the strange, the previously foreign, protected their own culture.
   Here, now, we begin with the Great Story from the many stories; simply by contributing our stories.  And to this you are cordially invited!
   What our hopes are from you?

   Your story. Small or big. Every-day or unusual. In other words: Images, sounds, and videos that tell your story - chatting, dancing, or however you decide to tell it.

Everything about the Great Story is welcome as long as we can upload it here. (And as long as it is respectful to people from all walks of life.)
   What does everyone get out of it? Probably not the Nobel Peace Prize. Probably no shares from Google or millions of dollars.

   But life itself.

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