A story about hope

Hope, at least for me, is the most powerful ability we have and a huge motivation for change. I’m quite experienced with hope, because hope has always been my most faithful companion. No, I didn’t grow up in a war zone. I had the privilege to grow up in a very save and peaceful country. But war doesn’t always happen in front of your door, sometimes it happens behind your door.

This is were it gets interesting, because hope makes no distinction, whether the war takes place in front of or behind the door. The most important thing is that you have hope, or that you find hope if you've not already found it. And that we, who already found hope, encourage the ones who couldn’t find it yet to find it.

Born from the most human part of us, hope is the greatest gift, we have to bear the pain without breaking. Hope leads to change and it brings people together. Look at this project, amazing, what could be a better proof of it…

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