I had never thought of myself as an immigrant until now

My family migrated from the USA to Europe for over 12 years. We set foot in England and were told we were not welcome, so me moved onto Belgium where we lived happily for 8 years. Looking back, it is remarkable how much living in Belgium broadened our view of the world and ourselves. Our youngest daughter we born there, both our daughters went to a French school with British English teachers. They were with other children from all over the world. How we miss Tate’s British accent. Our world and lives became so rich there. Filled with many stories of growth, love, compassion, service and discovery.

From there we moved onto Switzerland where we met more fascinating people, gained new ideas and a experience a wonderful way of living, embracing nature and being outside. Beauty, security and supremely organized. We lived in an old farmhouse in the middle of an enormous field. We never once locked the door to the house. Even when we went on holiday for several weeks.

We have moved back to the USA now, but have maintained our love for travel, experiencing new cultures and being inspired by the generosity of mankind. We will always be on the move, chasing new horizons with people we enjoy.

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